The Brass Finger Extension, the Worry-Free Way To Touch Any Surface?

Are you looking to restock your hand sanitizing supplies? The shelves are empty as the world is facing a never-before-seen shortage of hand cleansers. And the prices? Oh, you could trade a pocket-size bottle of hand cleansing gel for gold.

What you don’t know yet is that, luckily, there is something more efficient to help you fight against contamination with disease-causing germs that will last you forever.

David, 26, is a interior product designer. He has recently quit his full-time job because he couldn’t overcome his fear of getting sick in the working environment.

Everything was funny at the office as David was the guy who used to wash his hands 20 times a day and disinfect his desk, his mouse, his laptop every time a colleague came near his desk. He always used a tissue to touch a door handle and never ate at work.

One day, during an important meeting, his boss encountered him in front of the conference room.

“Hi, David! What are you doing here?”

“I can’t do it…” David said.

“You can’t do what?”

“I can’t touch the door,” David responded.

“Is it stuck? Let me help you.”

“No, I can’t go in there. I don’t feel good today. I am sorry. Can I take this day off, please”?

Embarrassed and frustrated, David took all his stuff and went home. The next day he called his boss to tell him he wants to quit.

After that incident, his entire life has been consumed by his constant fear of being contaminated.

His fear of germs started when he was a child as his mother never let him play outside with other kids, in the park, or in the sand just like other children did. He grew up with a terrible fear of dirt and getting sick, fear he couldn’t overcome as an adult.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, his anxiety increased to the point he wanted to stay forever indoors, washing his hands, and using impressive amounts of hand sanitizer.

Can you imagine how his hands looked like after all the alcohol they have been exposed to? More than ever, only the thought of going out of the house gave David a panic attack. When he goes out for grocery shopping, he is always wearing gloves, and he is armed with hand sanitizers that he keeps everywhere – in his pockets, in his backpack, in the car. Plus, he always pays contactless, he never touches the money.

David’s situation might make you think that he has some sort of OCD, but we are facing the unseen enemy that is hitting full force, and at a certain point, we are all David.

Have you ever thought about what you would do without access to soap and water or hand sanitizers?

David kept hoarding antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, antibacterial wet wipes, and all sorts of disinfectants for hands and surfaces. But, in the middle of a pandemic, and with the hand sanitizer crisis, it has become difficult to procure them.

One day, when the courier arrived at the door to handle him a package with the last two bottles of sanitizer on stock, David was equipped with gloves and a face mask. The courier knew him because he was the one that brought him last time a full box of antibacterial gel.

“Rare birds these sanitizers nowadays.” The friendly courier said. “I used them all the time at work until I’ve discovered this.” the man said as he was pointing out at David with a small, key-like tool that he also used to register the order in his tablet.

“What is that?” David asked.

“This is a brass finger guard from WavCare.” the man said.

“And how exactly it helps you?” David asked again.

“You see, I use it to open doors, push buttons, sign on the tablet without touching all these things.” he said.

“Interesting,” David exclaimed, “Can you tell me its name again, please”.

“WavCare. Have a good one, sir”.

After washing his hands twice, David went to the computer and researched and ordered his own brass finger guard.

Now he feels more comfortable about going out since he doesn’t have to touch door handles. and he stopped wasting money on hand sanitizers.

He is even thinking of returning to the office.

Curious about the WavCare Hygienic Touchless Finger, we reached out to the experts:

It turns out that this little every-day-carry tool is so useful in the fight against germs and bacteria due to the material it is made of – brass.

Brass is a composition of 70% copper and 30% zinc that ancient people have exploited for various health purposes.

Even though the term antimicrobial was unknown to our ancestors, they did realize that water held in copper alloy buckets, including brass, was clear compared to water stored in wooden buckets.

Egyptian soldiers used brass tools to sterilize their wounds.

The Romans and the Greeks used brass to treat ear infections.

Later on, in the mid-nineteenth century, during the cholera epidemics, the famous physician Victor Burq recommended preventive ingestion of a small amount of copper as he observed that the only ones not affected by this disease were the smelter workers.

So, why not use brass to fight against deadly pathogens around us?

Scientists have proven that brass kills 99,9% of harmful pathogens. In 2008, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved copper alloys as antimicrobial materials.

In 2015, research conducted by the University of South Hampton demonstrated that copper helps to prevent the spread of pathogens related to respiratory infections.

Brass is an oligodynamic metal.

What does this mean?

It contains ions that destroy living cells, including bacteria, fungi, and spores, and it is self-sterilizing.

When these cells come in contact with the brass surface, a chemical reaction happens and weakens the membrane of the cells, shutting them down little by little.

This small tool can really save your life

Instead of using your fingertips, your knuckles, or your sleeves to touch different surfaces, this antibacterial touch-free tool offers protection against all kinds of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens.

You never know what the future holds, and with the healthcare system nowadays, it’s always better to prevent than cure.

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"This small tool can really save your life"

Brass Finger Guard Which Reduce Touching Public Surfaces Like Store Checkouts, Door Handles, ATM Machines & Elevator Buttons

Brass Finger Guard Which Reduce Touching Public Surfaces Like Store Checkouts, Door Handles, ATM Machines & Elevator Buttons

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