Laval Smart Travel Backpack

Traveling just got better with the universal Laval smart travel backpack. The multicarrier doesn’t just ensure the safety of your personal items but also complements your travel experience. It does this with a perfect combination of amazing features, elegant design, and general function. Moreover, it can serve as a light laptop backpack as well as a travel backpack for men and women. 

This is a fashionable travel backpack designed especially for lovers of style. You don’t need to worry about your battery, it has a retractable USB charging port powered by the patent-pending technology called connect. Whether it is an Android or iPhone, no worries as there are ports for iPhone, Micro USB, and Type C gadgets. Also, you can stuff valuable items into the hidden space that serves as the anti-theft pouch. The luggage strap aids in a comfortable carriage during flight and road travels.

Laval has a comfortable laptop compartment of 15.6″ inch dimension, that allows you to easily place your device. You can also fix in your tablet in the compartment made just for it. Since removing items can be challenging, this backpack has a 90° wide opening to make things easy. To round it off, it features a fantastic ergonomic handle, sturdy enough to shoulder every weight.

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"A fashionable travel backpack designed especially for lovers of style."

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