Electric Acupuncture Pen

Performing acupuncture to reduce pain requires skill and traditional tools, but you can skip these conditions by using an acupuncture pen. You won’t feel any pain or skin irritation since it does not use acupuncture needles. Furthermore, the nib of the pen delivers an electric pulse that perfectly reaches the acupuncture and meridian points.

This acupuncture pen is compact and can fit into your gym bag, luggage, and even your pocket. Besides, it has three heads to handle body pain, stress, and facial beautification. There are also 9 levels of intensity that you can choose from according to your needs. On top of that, the device uses an auto-off function to protect itself from overheating, thus increasing the safety of operation and reducing energy consumption.

The acupuncture pen has a button for adjusting the sensitivity, intensity, and frequency of the massage, which makes it very easy to use. In case you encounter difficulties with operating the device, there’s a detailed manual that will answer all your questions.

The body construction of the acupuncture pen is corrosion resistant and can withstand rigorous uses. Finally, you can use it in any place without an electrical outlet as it runs on replaceable AA batteries.

Enjoy the benefits of acupuncture without pain and needles!

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"Enjoy the benefits of acupuncture without pain and needles! "

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