USB Aroma Diffuser

The essential oil diffuser comes with a fantastic design and improved 400ml capacity. It can mist out essential oil to fill the atmosphere with pleasant smells for as long as 13 hours. With a flower vase finish and incredible chocolate color, the essential oil diffuser is a go for your studios, bedrooms, home, and office tables.

It has several cool features, such as:

  • adjustable colors and modes of the LED light
  • different timer options that you can use to control the mist output
  • comfortable dimensions and portability, that allow you to place it anywhere you want

The device also has a quiet operation feature that makes it suitable for your resting area or study room. USB aroma diffuser is safe and durable thanks to its BPA free plastic material finish.

An extremely beautiful, stylish and relaxing thing to have!

Editor's Quote

"An extremely beautiful, stylish and relaxing thing to have! "

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