Anti Anxiety Roller

How often do you find your mind racing and your hands that follow it?

This roller is a small portable sensory device that not only fits your pocket but also in the palm of your hand. Think about your most bellowed TED Talk speakers. What they normally have in their hands is a PowerPoint remote control. What is less known is that this thing in their hands also works soothingly on the mind, as it lessens the levels of stress, anxiety, and tension.

The fast tempo life demands of us to constantly keep numerous things in our heads. Also, the flow of information we receive is endless and difficult to avoid. The roller, therefore, presents the perfect solution to promote clarity and focus within overwhelming everyday events.

It combines two rollers that rotate in your hands and engage your fingers in their full motion. It more so helps release stress and feels like someone is massaging your hands. You’re then left with more quality time to better focus on your tasks at hand.

By using it, you can limit your tendency to fidget or annoying habits like biting your nails, tapping the feet on the floor, or even non-stop checking your phone.

Editor's Quote

"This roller leaves you with more quality time to better focus on your tasks at hand."

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