Holidays are just around the corner. You’re probably looking for ideas to make sure everyone on your list is happy with their gifts. But dads are one of a kind. They are not hard to please, but they rarely say what they really want. And if your dad is an active person, getting him a boring tie wouldn’t be the best option.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of unique and practical gifts for your active dad (but they are perfect for any other man in your life that’s always on the move, doing things, and going places). From fitness equipment and recovery tools to gym bags, you’ll surely find something to please your dad.

1.Deep Tissue
Massage Gun

This Christmas, give the gift of relaxation. This Deep Tissues Massage Gun is a great gift for your dad, especially if he loves staying active. This smart device is a self-recovery tool. It brings relief to sore muscles, alleviates pain, eases joint pain, and improves blood flow.


The massage gun can be used anywhere and by anyone. It is powerful, bur super quiet. It comes with 5 quick-changing heads and provides 9 intensity levels for a personalized massage experience. With a portable design, it can be taken anywhere.

2.Heat and Vibration
Knee Massager

After strenuous activities, your dad needs a relaxing massage. This Heat and Vibration Knee Massager is the perfect tool to alleviate knee pain, reduce swelling and muscle stiffness, improve blood circulation, and keep knees warm in cold weather.

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Your dad will love the soothing sensation of vibration and heat therapy. The device combines heat with vibration massage to alleviate all types of knee discomfort naturally. It is safe and easy to control so anyone can use it. For a personalized massage experience, the device comes with 3 heating and vibration levels. And it’s also rechargeable and portable.

3. Nordace Henge

What could make a better gift for the traveling dad than a good backpack? If your dad loves exploring the outdoors, choose something he can use immediately. The Nordace Henge might be a thoughtful idea for a dad who is always on the road.


This 45 L carry-on backpack is designed for daily use, commuting, business trips, and outdoor adventures. It is anti-theft and water-resistant to ensure protection for all his valuables. But what makes it a top choice is the way it packs like a suitcase. It charges mobile devices on the go so he can stay in touch with his loved ones at home.

4. Nordace Casto

Maybe dad is not hitting the road very often these days, but he’s probably hitting the gym. And a duffel bag suits both situations. Especially this versatile and sleek one, perfect for business travel, office, gym, and in between.


Nordace Casto Duffel Bag doubles as carry-on luggage for weekend trips or personal gym bag. It is stylish, roomy, water-resistant, and smartly organized on the inside. It comes with detachable garment bag and shoe bag. The 180˚ opening provides easy access to its contents. Your dad will love it.

5. Fitness Aqua Bag

Want to make sure your dad stays active no matter what? This Fitness Aqua Bag might be exactly the present you are looking for. It is a fitness tool that doesn’t take up much space. It is portable, lightweight when empty, fills quickly with air and water with the provided smart system.


The Fitness Aqua Bag is fun, versatile, and suitable for all fitness levels. Your active dad can integrate it into many exercises. It helps work out more muscles and improve balance. He can use it at home, at the gym, or outside.

6. Lumeo Flashlight

For the outdoorsy dad, a professional flashlight might be the perfect gift. If your dad loves fishing, hunting, hiking, trekking, or just a walk in the woods, you can brighten up his holiday season with the Lumeo Flashlight.


Suitable for outdoor activities and survival situations, the lantern provides five light modes: high, moderate, low, flash, and SOS. It is shockproof, easy to use, and super comfortable to carry around. Rest assured your dad will love it and it will serve him well when wandering outdoors.

7. Tactical Jacket

If your father is into fishing, running, camping, hunting, or hiking, you can’t go wrong with this tactical jacket as a Christmas Gift. It is specifically designed for all types of outdoor activities. Made of high-quality materials, it is super breathable, comfortable, warm, and moisture-wicking.


Keep in mind that this is not an ordinary jacket. Extra durable, scratch-proof, and wear-resistant, it will be your father’s favorite for years to come and will make him feel comfortable everywhere he goes.

8. Windsor Wash Pouch

An ideal gift for the father who is always on-the-go but loves staying organized. Streamline your dad’s journeys with this wash pouch packed with plenty of compartments for all his essentials. There is a place for everything inside, from cosmetics to shaving tools.


With the Nordace Wash Pouch, your dad will be able to grab it and go as the bag features a dedicated strap for easy carrying. It fits into any briefcase and carry-on and can be hanged in the hotel’s room bathroom with the dedicated hook.

9. Multi-function Folding

A unique gift for the self-sufficient father who loves camping, climbing, gardening, and all types of outdoor adventures. It’s a shovel but boasts many other features – it can be a saw, a bottle opener, a hook, a hunting knife, a can opener, and so on.

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The Multi-function Folding Shovel is a military tool with a unique structure that makes it suitable for digging, cutting, hammering. Your dad will surely love it, especially since it is super lightweight and portable, easy to store in any bag or backpack.

10. Survival Kit

We saved one of the best gifts for active dads for last. This complex survival kit is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast and urban explorer. It is designed to help anyone survive various emergency situations from starting a fire in the woods to personal defense, signaling for help, or navigating in the wilderness.


The kit is developed by law enforcement members and veterans. It includes a heavy-duty tactical pen, a tactical flashlight, compass with ruler, high-frequency whistle, ferrocerium rod flint, 11-in-1 pocket cord all in a durable and compact case he can tuck away in his bag.

11.Multi-functional Pants Rack

For the organized dad, this multifunctional Pants Rack might be a life-saver. It offers the perfect solution to organize pants, jeans, and ties and optimize wardrobe space. The space-saving, sleek design makes it suitable for both vertical and horizontal use.

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It is super durable and sustainable, crafted from stainless steel. The adjustable rods can be pulled out easily when looking for that favorite pair of jeans, while the smooth edges protect the material. It is perfect for travel, too.

12. Super Absorbent Floor Mat

Shopping for the perfect gift for an active dad is a challenge, especially when you want to buy something for the home. Well, this quick-drying and super-absorbent floor mat might be what you are looking for.

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It is made of diatomaceous earth that absorbs water almost instantly and dries in seconds, revealing a soft, clean, and cozy surface. It can keep any space dry since it can be used in the bathroom, near the shower, in the kitchen’s splash zone, or near the swimming pool.

With all these gift options on your side, you’ll surely find something that matches your dad’s interest in an active lifestyle. This Christmas, shower your dear dad with love and the best presents.