3D Pens – Bring Your Ideas to Life

Whether you are an artist, a kid or a hobbyist, 3D pen master can improve your creativity while giving you more understanding about three dimensional objects. Yes, you read it right! It is about time to take your creativity to the next level. All your ideas can come to life as you can literally draw things just the way you imagined it!

Imagine a pen that allows you to draw 3D objects effortlessly? 3D pen master has arrived! This new technology gained popularity not only among artists but also among people who love to release their creative ideas with 3D pens!

You are probably wondering, what is a 3D pen?

3D pens look like big versions of your typical pencils or pens. And instead of using ink or lead, 3D pens contain plastic filaments in order to create designs and styles all in three-dimensional! You can draw anything you want and lift it up. You can also draw in the air!

Controlling 3D pen master is the same as the way you hold and control an ordinary pencil or pen. But with this pen, you actually get to continue your drawings and designs in the air. It makes every artwork, drawings and designs even more realistic!

How does it work?

It is very simple! Everyone knows how to use pen or pencils. Everyone can wave their fingers in the air which makes it even easier to use 3D Pen Master. It uses plastic filaments that will insert in the pen. It heats up the plastic filament inside with its very safe heating technology. The heat melts the plastic which immediately hardens into 3D objects. You can use 3D pen master for almost anything as it can work on any surfaces!

If you are still wondering, it works the same as glue gun but 3D Pen Master comes with different colors of plastic filament which allows you to unleash your creativity! Instead of drawing 2D objects with a normal pen, you can hold and lift your artwork with 3D Pen Master.

The possibilities are never-ending. You can easily create any shapes, any design, any prototype that you want. Take your drawings to the next level and be your own magician! With 3D pen master, you’re not limited to drawing your creations on paper. You can bring your ideas to life!

3D Pen Master Has Lots of Uses!

You can draw anything that you imagine. Everything is up to your creative mind and skills. If you want to make 3D toys, decorate your room, or customize your smartphone cases, 3D pen master can be your best buddy!

You can draw or trace anything that you want in 3D on any surfaces even in the air. Since this pen is slim, light and compact design, using it is effortless. It allows you to sketch anything whether horizontally or vertically. You can certainly unleash your imagination with this pen.

You can also make your own miniatures, artificial garden or you can sketch your prototypes and just draw anything that you like on the paper and lift it up. You’ll be amazed as your ideas come to life! What else can you use it for? Almost everything! Only the sky is the limit!

Why Choose 3D Pen Master?

3D Pen Master is very easy to use and you can take it anywhere and anytime you wish to. It is very light and slim which is perfect not only for artists or adults but also for children over 8 years old! This pen can help you enhance your creations by allowing you to draw every detail of it. Here are the great reasons why you should choose 3D Pen Master.

1. Draw Effortlessly

Drawing with 3D pen master is effortless! There is no need to make things hassle for you. This pen is lightweight so it does not give your hand too much stress. You can simply draw naturally and enjoy your hobby. It feels like the pen is a part of you and all you need to do is to wave your hand.


Changing the printing filaments is also easy and quick. It definitely saves you a lot of time so you can enjoy more. The heated plastic immediately solidifies so you can draw your 3D objects continuously.

2. No Need to Be an Expert

Using 3D Pen master does not require you to have any technical knowledge. There is no need to be an expert to use this pen. All you have to do is to insert the plastic filament, heat it up and start bringing your ideas to life! It is very easy to control the pen. There are temperature control button and feed speed adjustment button. You can easily adjust the speed so you can control your work even better.

3D pen master focuses on the enjoyment of the users. Simply draw your ideas while having heaps of fun.

3. Perfect Gift for Kids



Children over eight years old can also enjoy 3D pen master! Since 3D pen master has slender body, it suits even the hands of the kids. It also allows them to create their own 3D models and become imaginative and artistic. Giving this as a gift for children encourages them to be creative at their young ages. It can inspire them to create something that has not been created before! Like the saying goes, “Children are our future!”

4. Bring Designs and Prototypes to Life

Your imagination is your only foundation. Make your prototype or design easily and in three dimensions! Artists, architects, designers, hobbyists and more can definitely benefit from 3D pen master. It is much easier to present the ideas without having to undergo trial and error. It is certainly that good to be true!

5. Have Lots of Fun

It does not require much to have fun at home, school or at work! 3D pen master can keep you entertained and preoccupied. Isn’t it exciting to create objects the way you want it to be? You can style it yourself, use your own colors and display it in your room once you’re finished! Your designs are not limited to paper anymore.

You can also make figurines! Why not create your favorite cartoon character and place it on your table to keep you company? You can also design your own miniature or make it bigger. Whatever you want to make is fun and you can make it double with your family or friends.

Want to start your 3D drawings?

3D Pen Master Package includes: 3D printing pen, Power Adaptor, Quick Start guide and 30g ABS Filament.

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3d-pen-master_yellow_2Create any unique 3d objects

  • from art projects, diy, scale models to ornamental items, the sky is the limit! – quickly melt and cool colored plastic to create rigid, freestanding structures
  • light, slim and compact design
  • draw any objects with it effortlessly. It’s easy for maintenance and replacement.

Refined control

  • adjustable extrusion speed for better control of the material and your creations. writing and drawing in the air made easily!

realize imagination

  • draw vertically and horizontally.

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