120cm Tall Eiffel Tower Created by a Ten-Year-Old Boy using a 3D Printing Pen


While most kids around ten years old are into computers, different coloring materials and gadgets like Wii, the ten-year-old Atbin from Netherlands with his creative 120cm version of the Eiffel Tower is quite more talented that most of the kids around his age. He presented his beautiful 3D artwork of the Eiffel Tower at Innorobo 2016 in Paris as well as his creative sculpture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Both of his excellent 3D artworks are standing more than a meter and all details were created using a 3D printing pen. His works just showed Atbin’s amazing talent!


According to Atbin’s parents, he is also outstanding at school. The talented Dutch boy has already accelerated two times in the Dutch education system and is on his way to enter the university at such an early age. Atbin’s most favorite subject is science and technology and he is also very interested when it comes to chemistry, astronomy, geography, cosmology, aeronautics and paleontology. At such a young age, he has studied many engines with different types of power sources. He also likes making 3D models using Cinema 4D and playing the video game Kerbal Space Program. The intelligent and talented ten-year-old boy can also speak three different languages fluently.

After learning to program using Scratch, Atbin also received a diploma from Code.org. The gifted boy has his eyes on 3D printings and makings. He has worked many models and was invited together with his father to showcase his artistic work at Innoboro 2016 in Paris. Atbin will clearly become a success in the path he wants to choose and as of today, he is into 3D printings.


Accepting the invitation, the Dutch boy worked hard to finish his 120cm tall Eiffel tower which is the most popular symbol for Paris. According to Atbin, “I got the idea for it because the Eiffel Tower is a very recognized monument, and the exhibition is in Paris so I surely had to make an Eiffel Tower. It took about two months of part-time working, and two weeks of full time work. It is pretty big and has all these one-layered details and is very strong.”


Atbin’s Eiffel tower is 120cm tall and is made up of ABS. Having more than 20 different colors, the 3D printed Eiffel tower was made from approximately 100 meters of plastic filament. It beautifully stands on a 42×42 cm platform. Like what he mentioned, the Eiffel tower he created was very detailed with many layers as well. The talented kid worked hard to achieve the exact copy.

The replica of Eiffel Tower definitely caught the attention of many people at Innoboro 2016. Another artwork of Atbin, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, was also outstanding and caught many eyes of the Parisians. Just like the real tower, Atbin’s replica also leans slightly. “We managed to get it leaning because of (a series of) triangles that have been positioned in such a way to keep it leaning. To keep the whole thing stable, we used a stone that is polished and made a cube. I won the stone in a chess competition,” Atbin said.

Atbin’s Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa consists of many series of strips which were all attached to ABS. The golden layer frame importantly acts as the beautiful and strong foundation to provide additional stability to the 3D printed tower. “The cage acts as the center of mass to keep the whole thing stable,” Atbin said.


According to Atbin, he also picked the Leaning Tower of Pisa as it is also one of the most recognized monuments in the world. He also mentioned that he was amazed that it has been bent over for hundreds of years. Two times more than the Eiffel tower, Atbin’s Leaning Tower of Pisa consists of approximately 200 meters of ABS filament. It also has ten different colors for beautiful and artistic effects. The genius boy also revealed that it took him a week of full time work to bring together the gorgeous tower.


Aside from those, Atbin also brought and showcased his 3D printed drone frame at Innoboro. The amazing art piece just showed Atbin’s intelligent way of designing. As the ABS sticks well, he did not have to use glue and just had scissors with him to achieve this anticipated shapes. Even though the frame does not fly, the artwork was also eye catching.

ten-year-old-creates-a-gorgeous-120cm-tall-eiffel-tower-with-a-3d-printing-pen-7 ten-year-old-creates-a-gorgeous-120cm-tall-eiffel-tower-with-a-3d-printing-pen-9

The most amazing part of all these artworks, Atbin completed all models using only 3D printing pens and filaments. It can help anyone to show their artistic side and achieve their dreams with full dedication. 3D printing pens are becoming an influential tool. The next generation of designers and makers are already here and Atbin is definitely one of them.

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